Customized high-tech waste heat recovery boiler

Customized high-tech Heat recovery boilerRated capacity :1-20ton/hrDesign pressure :1.0Mpa (10bar/10kg/145psi)                                     1.25Mpa(13bar/13kg/180psi)                 

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Customized high-tech Heat recovery boiler
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Rated capacity :1-20ton/hr
Design pressure :1.0Mpa (10bar/10kg/145psi)

Steam temperature: 184ºC  194ºC  204ºC 

Strong applicability and extensive use.
  1. Our company can provide users with standardized waste heat boiler, but also customized one according to users' different needs with rich experience in designing corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant pipelines. It can be designed separately for high sulfur, high ash, low temperature and high hardness flue gas.
  2. The different designed waste heat boilers can transfer the required heat to users through saturated steam, superheated steam, organic heat carriers, hot water and other heat conducting media. It is widely used in power generation, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, carbonization and other industries.
System diagram of single-drum Biomass and coal fired BoilerCustomized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Compact structure, easy installation.
  1. The waste heat boiler is compact in structure, small in volume.
  2. Fast-assembly structure, easy to install on site.
Simple operation and easy maintenance.
  1. Automatic water replenishment , easy operation.
  2. Easy to maintain, low maintenance costs.
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
According to their different structures, they can be divided into following types: tube waste heat boiler type waste heat boiler   3.waste heat boiler for generator sets   4&5.exhaust flue gas fired waste heat boiler   
and also finned tube waste heat boiler, EGB threaded tube waste heat boiler, bare tube waste heat boiler, shell type waste heat boiler and etc.

Technical Parameters
Waste heat boiler belongs to non-standard product, which usually needs to be calculated and designed according to the parameters provided by customers. Generally speaking, the design pressure of non-combustion waste heat boiler is 0.2-2.5 Mpa, the working pressure is 0.4-2.5 Mpa, and the steam output is 0.2-25 t/h.

Some waste heat boiler technical parameters as following:
Rated evaporation capacity(t/h)26911
Rated working pressure(MPa)
Rated steam temperature(ºC)184250226204
Water-supply temperature(ºC)202012520
Inlet flue gas flow rate(Nm³/h)5000160002080032000
Inlet flue gas temperature(ºC)9409001050800
Outlet flue gas temperature(ºC)385164371179.9
Heating area(m2)171.79536.1345916.6
Boiler Installation Size
L×W×H (mm)

If you want a waste heat boiler pls try to provide the following parameters: 
AIts industry 
BFlue gas parameters 
1Boiler inlet flue gas side pressure 
2Boiler inlet flue gas range (operating conditions) 
3Range of boiler inlet flue gas (standard condition) 
4Design value of boiler inlet flue gas (standard condition) 
5Boiler inlet flue gas temperature range 
6Design value of boiler inlet flue gas temperature 
7Boiler outlet flue gas temperature 
8Boiler inlet flue gas composition (volume percentage) 
 SO3 (if any) 
 HCL (if any) 
 Other special gases 
8Boiler inlet flue gas dust concentration 
 Boiler inlet flue gas adhesion 
 Corrosiveness of boiler inlet flue gas 
9Required resistance on the flue gas side of the boiler body 
10Total air leakage requirements on the boiler flue gas side (if any) 
CBoiler parameters 
1Boiler rated steam (if any) 
2Boiler rated steam pressure 
3Boiler rated steam temperature 
4Boiler feedwater temperature 
DOther required parameters 
1Elevation and size of smoke exit of industrial furnace 
2Elevated smoke outlet elevation of waste heat boiler 
3Waste heat boiler is expected to occupy land (length m × width m × height m) 
4Does the waste heat boiler need to be supplied by the manufacturer to support the top rain shelter? 
5Boiler layout (vertical or horizontal layout) 
6Owned plant's own compressed air pressure 
7Whether the owner's plant has its own natural gas source 
8Meteorological conditions at the owner's plant (mainly local atmospheric pressure and seismic fortification intensity) 
EAuxiliary machine 
FOther special requirements  

Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Class A Boiler manufacture, Design Licence of special equipment, 
Class A Manufacture License of special equipment, Installation Repair and Maintenance License of special equipment, OHSAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001, DOSH
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Customized High-Tech Waste Heat Recovery Boiler


Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are manufacturer. Our factory established in 1978 in Pingdu Qingdao.

Q:How to choose a boiler type ?
A: Generally we should confirm the boiler type (steam or hot water),capacity,pressure(or output,temperature)and fuel(coal, biomass, gas or oil) of the boiler.

Q: How long is the warranty time for the boilers?
A: Based on highly responsible for your esteemed company, due to equipment itself failure, our company provides one year free maintenance.

Q: How about the installation ?
A:We could offer you 2 proposals.
1)Guide installation
 Our company arranges 1-2 staffs to guide the installation of boiler on site , fully guarantee the installation quality. 
2)Staff installation
Our company is in charge of installation process, only your company to provide accommodation, round-trip cost and pay the wages of workers.

Q: Could you offer some wear parts?
A: Our company provides a set of tools for free, such as wrench ,gasket used for Convenient maintenance. 

Q: What's your MOQ?
A: 1 set, if you purchase more, you will get a fairly favorable price.

Q: Do you have any Certificate?
A: Yes. We have ISO9001 & ISO14001 certificate. If must,we could help you get CE ASME or AS certificate.

Q: What is your payment term ?
A: T/T, L/C is very well used .

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