Natural gas 15 ton steam boiler

Natural Gas 15 ton Steam BoilerSteam Capacity: 15 ton/hWoring Pressure: 12.5bar(Adjustable)Available Fuel: NG, Propane, LPGI. Detailed Product Description:1) "FUTURE" fully automatic natural gas steam boiler adopt heat components of the structure of horizontal three-pass wet back as corrugate

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Natural Gas 15 ton Steam Boiler
Steam Capacity: 15 ton/h
Woring Pressure: 12.5bar(Adjustable)
Available Fuel: NG, Propane, LPG

I. Detailed Product Description:
1) "FUTURE" fully automatic natural gas steam boiler adopt heat components of the structure of horizontal three-pass wet back as corrugated smoke tube. Adopting wetback down stream structure, which can avoid the problems that the smoke box of the dryback and central backflash system could be sealed and the temperature of the smoke box could be too high.

2) The inner furnace adopts the most advanced structure-corrugated furnace, which can increase the heat transfer area and the stability of the furnace.

3) The smoke tube adopts high efficient heat transfer component- Threaded smoke tube. It raises the heat transfer coefficient of the smoke tube. The volume of the boiler can be further decreased.

4) The entire boiler installed in the steel base. If the FD fan needs to be installed separately, then use the flexible joint at the interface of combustion chamber and the blower duct. Steel base using fixed angle expansion bolts.

5) Boiler is using two-way full-opening and big-open furnace door design. The internal structure of the furnace is clear and repair to maintain. Observation window installed at both ends of the boiler, install hand-holes in order to check and clean the boiler. Install lifting rings at the top of the boiler shell installed front and rear hinges, gaskets and insulation.
NOTE: CE marking as per Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC) as options, and ASME Code is available.

II. Technical Parameters:
Rated Steam Capacityt/h15
Rated Working PressureMPa1.6 (2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.8)
Saturated Steam Temperature°C204 
Water VolumeM324.8
Available FuelNatural GasNm3/h1050(LHV@8500Kcal/Nm3)
Light DieselKg/h910 (LHV@10200Kcal/Kg)
Heavy Fuel OilKg/h947 (LHV@9980Kcal/Kg)
Main Power SourceV/Hz3Phase, 380/50 (Made to order)
Water InletDN65
Steam OutletDN200
Blowdown ValveDN2×65
Safety ValveDN2×100
Max. Part Transport Dimension (L×W×H)mm7100x3250x3790
Max. Part Transport WeightTon38.9


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