Airgon Tackles The Crippling Rise In Energy Prices With A New Product Set To Reduce Household Heating Bills By 20% | Business Up North

2022-10-08 07:02:32 By : Mr. Allen Tang

A s the cost of living is set to soar due to sky rocketing energy prices, engineers at Airgon have developed a product to help reduce household heating bills by up to 20%.

Introducing Airgon: a simple, compact device that can easily be installed in to any wet heating system to make energy usage more efficient and significantly improve the its performance.

The tech is designed to tackle the entrained air in the water that leads to cold spots that can build up. Much like when bubbles form as air escapes boiling a pan of water, these pockets of air waste energy and force the boiler to work harder to heat up radiators.

Airgon stops cold spots completely, which means people will no longer have to bleed radiators or turn the heat up to fight the issue. Not only that, but it prevents corrosion inside of radiators and protects your boiler from over-work, prolonging the life of your boiler and heating system and saving on costly plumbing callouts.

After just two days from install, the heating solution innovator promises household radiators will be hotter than they were before, so you can turn the heat down and save money.

As the UK faces into crippling energy prices research by Airgon found a third of Brits will only be heating their kids rooms this winter. The survey of 2,000 adults surveyed revealed even some of the highest earners (£65,0001-75,000) will be forced to make this choice (41%).

With a quarter of Brits claimed they would struggle to by buy food – with nearly 1 in 10 saying they will be unable to feed their children many a desperate to find cost effective solutions.

A whopping 78% have concerns about their energy usage ahead of rising costs – but just 11% have considered how tech could help them save energy.

Charles Ross, inventor of Airgon, said: “People don’t realise that technology can help improve the functionality of our boilers and heating systems. In the current financial crisis, people need to be more savvy about making what little money they have work better for them.”

An Airgon is proven to save people more money, pound for kW on average, than A rated double glazing or cavity wall insulation. With double glazing and insulation costs reaching into the thousands, a £249 Airgon is the smarter and far more attainable choice for struggling families this winter.

For those looking to tackle the rising energy bills head on, Airgon is available to pre-order next month. Shoppers can take advantage of the introductory offer: 50% off RRP of £249. Only £125 for pre-orders.