Cast iron horizontal boiler feed water pump plant

 Cast Iron Horizontal Boiler Feed Water Pump Factory----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Description-High Pressure Centrifugal Boiler Feed Water PumpModel QD (G) pump is a horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump a

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Cast Iron Horizontal Boiler Feed Water Pump Factory

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Centrifugal Multistage High Pressure Hot Water Pumps
* Description-High Pressure Centrifugal Boiler Feed Water Pump

Model QD (G) pump is a horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump and suitable for transporting pure water (with the contained foreign matters' content less
than l % and graininess less than 0. 1mm) and other liquids of both physical and chemical natures similar those of pure water.
QD (G) model middle and low pressure boiler water supply pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 105ºC, and is also
applicable for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water.
Performance range of model QD (G) series
Flow : 3.75-185 m3/h
Corollary power: 4.0-400kW
Head: 69-684m
Inlet diameter: 40-150mm
QD (G) model hypo-high-pressure boiler water supply pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 160ºC, and is also applicable for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water. 
Performance range of mode QD (G) series
Flow: 1 5-3 00m3/h
Corollary power: 75-1 250kW
Head: 390-1050m
Inlet diameter: 65-200mm

 * Application-High Pressure Centrifugal Boiler Feed Water Pump

 1)Municipal engineering ,Wastewater treatment ,constructional engineering 
 2)Agricultural irrigation , transfer water ,etc.
 3)High-rise buildings water supply and drainage, and for fire working
 4)Factory and mining for distance water supply and drainage
 5)Circulation water supply for production process
 6)Cooling systems of air-conditioning in hotels
 7)Domestic water supply

*Sturcture-High Pressure Centrifugal Boiler Feed Water Pump

Pump is supported by both ends, and casing portion is sectional. It connected with motor by flexible coupling. Viewing from the motor end, pump is in clockwise direction rotating. Refer to Fig. I for the structure of it.
1) Stator portion
Have suck-in section. middle-section, discharge section, guide vane, stuffing box etc., which connected by bolts
2)Rotor portion
Main parts includes shaft, impeller, balancing disk, shaft sleeve etc.
3)Bearing portion
Roller bearings or sliding bearings on both ends support whole rotor, bearings are lubricated with grease or 20# engine oil.
4)Cooling and seal of pump
Seals joint surface of suck-in, middle, and spitting section by molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease. Seals rotor and stator by ring, diffusor sleeve and packing. The packing should be proper and leak drop by drop. Forbid unload running. Change seal ring and diffusor sleeve if they damaged and influence pump. The changeable shaft sleeve near shaft seal can protect
pump shaft. Must have seal water if run. If medium temperature is above 80ºC, fill cooling water to gland assembly and shaft seal cooling chamber. Cooled water and seal water should be clean water in normal degree. Cooled water pressure should be l.5~3Kg/cm2, seal water should be more than 0.5~1 Kg/cm2 of the seal chamber. The positions of cooling water pipe joints are different for various kind of water pumps. Please refer to construction drawing of pump for axial position, and refer to chart I for radial position.Shaft seals are classified as packing seal and mechanical seal. Seal water of packing seal is industrial water, with pressure of 2~3kg/cm2. The flushing water of mechanical seal is softened water, pressure must
higher 3kg/cm2 than inlet pressure.

*Company profile

Shijiazhuang An Pump machinery CO.,LTD established in 1986, as one of An pump Group' three branches companies,which cover 50000m2,more over 780 employees.

An pump Machinery main products include:
slurry pump,
gravel pump,
desulfurization pump,
sewage pump, pulp pump,
Single stage single suction centrifugal water pump
Multistage centrifugal water pump
Split casing centrifugal water pump
Irrigation pump
Fire fighting pump
submeisible sewage pump
pipeline pump

In order to handel the the heavy duty works and satisfy different condition, we have developed our material: increased the chrome percentage from basis of 27% Cr, and added some rare metals after tested; Natural rubber develope to synthetic rubber, polyurethane; and stainless steel to duplex stainless steel. 

We are always insisting on high quality and perfect after-sale service. Our slurry pump have max three-year warranty with lifelong after-sale service. "An Pump is becoming one symbol of  quality and reliability in industrial pump area."

We will keep running to satisfy more customers' requirements. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of goals, look forward to working with you to create the brilliancy together!


Our Advantages
More than 30 Years of experience in pump manufacture.
Reference to JIS SM A246 "Sandards For Marine Electrical Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer", higher than other pump company which executive of GB/T10832
 The pump is used of  the best materials such as Bronze, Cast iron and so on. And we just do the high-end products.
We can design the products according to your request, and we produce them.
5.Our products advantage:
1) Price is suitable. We are directly factory, own finished foundry model, cost only including original materials fee, machinery fee, worker fee.
2) Quality, our materials used high chrome, reached above 27%, 28%, wear resistant and corrosion resistant , pump use life longer.
3) After sale service, we can offer 2 years quality guarantee, also have a very strong technical support department and special after sale service department. When you have any need future, we can sent you professional technical man to Russian help you.
4)When received your order, we have very professional manufacture process and supervision process. For you, i also will to plant supervise manufacture and take photo for you per day in person. So can keep you do not worry.
5) After finish manufactuer, we will test each pump.  take a video  and make a testing report for you. If available, you also can to our factory to supervise testing in person.
Wilhelmsen Techiniacal Solutions 
Dan Marine Group
Certificated by 8 main classification societies in the world.
1). American Bureau of Shipping. (A.B.S Report NO.: NB2639802-A)
2). Bureau Veritas. (B.V. Certificate NO.: 05277CHN13-1 and SMS.W.II./89356/A.0)
3). China Classification Society. (C.C.S. Certificate NO.: SH11T00274 and T01.01-HQ002043)
4). Det Norske Veritas
5). Germanischer Lloyd. ( DNV.GL Certificate NO.: NGB-13-0043 and N1402W7C)
6). Lloyd's Register of Shipping. (LR Certificate NO.: NBO 1410147)
7). Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. (RS Certificate NO.: 14.10429.269)
8). Registro Italiano Navale. (R.I.N.A Certificate NO.: 2014WS01-2221)
We support all the Pumps for
China's first 3,000-meter-deep engineering ship "Offshore Oil 286"
 welcomed to visit our company
In the past years, more than 90% of visiters became our partners.
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Cast Iron Horizontal Boiler Feed Water Pump Factory

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