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Your choice of tool bag can be a more important decision than you might think, considering it’s something you probably use every day. You need one that’s the right size to carry all of your tools and equipment, but manageable enough to transport from job to job with relative ease. We wanted to know what the Klein Rolling Tool Backpack offers Pros in terms of convenience and portability. Shoe Bag

Klein Rolling Tool Backpack - Pro Tool Reviews

Klein is no stranger to tool storage. In fact, they offer several storage options to fit the needs of almost any tradesman, like the Bucket Work Center and Stand-Up Zipper Bags. What makes the Rolling Tool Backpack stand out from the rest is its ability to convert from a backpack to a rolling bag.

It features a telescoping handle that extends down the backpack sides for extra support while maneuvering around corners. 3-inch heavy-duty wheels let you traverse any terrain, including unpaved paths.

In backpack mode, you’ll notice the padded shoulder straps and extra padding against the hard back panel for carrying comfort. You can also tuck the shoulder straps behind the back padding so they stay out of the way while rolling the bag.

As for the bag itself, it’s made out of water-resistant 1680d Ballistic Weave material to protect your equipment inside. You can store tools of various sizes in the bag’s 25 interior and 3 exterior pockets.

This tool bag retails for $199 and can be found at several online and local retailers. Klein backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty for the normal life of the product.

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Klein Rolling Tool Backpack - Pro Tool Reviews

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